Changing the way the world drinks water one bottle at a time

We’re a growing company on a mission to provide the purest, most premium water on the planet, while we eliminate plastic water bottle waste.


The Beginnings

One night in 2013 a friend calls me and says, ”If you’re in town this weekend there’s a guy you have to meet…”

Two days later I walk into my coffee shop with all the regulars in flip flops, jeans, and hoodies sitting huddled over laptops—either working or pitching a new idea. Typical Silicon Valley Saturday.

A young guy with wildly long hair, much like mine, approaches me with palpable energy and an enthusiastic grin and says “Hi Raz, I’m Wyatt—the Founder of FloWater.” I like him immediately.

30-minutes turns into four hours, and during this time he unwraps the origin of FloWater and the opportunity to eliminate single use plastic water bottles from the environment. As I heard the story unfold and we talked further, I was captivated by what could be created. In part, because I loved the environmental cause tied to social impact. And in part, because of my lifelong passion for wellness, health, and optimizing performance.

It felt like the perfect intersection of wellness, sustainability, and technology. It wasn’t just that we could build a great business, it was knowing we could do something really amazing. It was knowledge that everyone deserves to have the world’s best water, and the generations who come after us don’t deserve to inherit the trash we’re creating in order to get it.

So, we created something better.

Years later, we’re changing the way the world views water while putting an end to single use plastic water bottles. We’re doing this with the world’s first and only Refill Station that takes ordinary tap water and transforms it into FloWater—the world’s best tasting water. But beyond providing the cleanest, freshest tasting water, we’re doing something more.

70% of Americans are chronically dehydrated, resulting in a myriad of under-recognized side effects including: fatigue, dry skin, dizziness, muscle cramps, food cravings (especially sweets), headaches, bad breath, and acne, among others.

We can solve that.

The growing obesity epidemic fueled by sugary, carbonated beverages, then propelled into society like a legalized form of drugs and marketed to kids at the youngest ages, creating a lifelong addiction to sugar and empty calories.

We can solve that.

The 38 BILLION single use plastic water bottles that end up in our oceans, lakes, rivers, and landfills every year, and never biodegrade. The plastic bottle waste which is predicted to outnumber fish in the ocean by the year 2050.

We can solve that.

The millions of barrels of oil and hundreds of millions of pounds of CO2 byproduct waste to create and transport bottled water, costing up to 1,000x more than tap water, demanded largely by consumers who no longer trust or like the taste of tap water, that often carries heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, herbicides, pesticides, chlorine and VOC’s.

We can solve that.

The toxins in single use plastic bottles, including thousands of endocrine-disrupting chemicals in the plastic that makes those bottles, which then inevitably leaches into the water itself, causing long-term, chronic harm.

Yes, we can solve that too.

We can solve it by creating the world’s best tasting, most purified water, right out of the tap, with our patented FloWater Refill Stations.

Our vision is to inspire the world with water, eliminate single use plastic water bottles, and provide everyone access to the world’s best tasting water anywhere they work, rest, and play.

~ Rich “Raz” Razgaitis

Co-Founder and CEO
FloWater, Inc

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