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Students love the taste of FloWater. As a result, schools with FloWater are setting the new standard for healthy students and waste-free campuses.



The Touchless Hydration Solution for Your School

Ensure your students, teachers, and staff stay healthy and hydrated with our safe and sanitary Water Refill Station bottle fillers while reducing plastic waste.

Request a quote today, and choose to safely hydrate your School for as little as $4 per day. Water bottle filling station FREE TRIALS may be available!

Installation is possible in 10 days or less. Currently IN STOCK so request your quote today!

Student using a water bottle filling station in school

FloWater dispensers are vital to a safe and sanitary School environment

In the COVID era, traditional water coolers and drinking fountains have been ‘turned off’ across the country. FloWater Water Refilling Stations utilize medical-grade technology utilizing stainless steel to provide virus-free and bacteria-free safe drinking water through a recessed dispenser that eliminates cross-bottle contamination with a fully touchless experience. Students, teachers, and staff can safely access clean drinking water with FloWater’s school water bottle filling stations to help keep their immune systems strong. Not only are our water bottle water fountain for schools more hygienic but the tap water they purify tastes better out of a reusable water bottle.

Over 800 Schools have joined the FloWater Community

FloWater helps students and faculty feel better

FloWater recently partnered with Malibu Highschool to replace a traditional school water bubbler with a water bottle filling station. According to a recent survey after the water bottle filler was installed, students and staff reported feeling:

  • 64% more focused
  • 69% more energized
  • 64% more productive
  • 70% happier

Why Schools are Raving about FloWater

safe and sanitary group hyrdation

A safe and sanitary group hydration option that can hydrate an entire school for about $4 per day

boost student hydration

FloWater is proven to boost hydration, providing students with increased energy and focus

easy installation


FloWater’s Touchless Technology

By incorporating a foot pedal to activate the water filling station, students and school staff can easily use the touchless water dispenser to replenish a reusable bottle (or plastic bottle) with clean, filtered water without leaving any contaminants for the next user. This technology is already an improvement over traditional drinking fountains and bubblers, but has become almost essential as schools work to create cleaner and more sanitized learning environments.

Let’s Hear From The Schools

colton unified school district logo

Colton Unified School District: “In the beginning, before Covid, this was a water project. Then the Covid-19 pandemic happened, and we became a lot more empathetic to the socio-economic issues in our community.  This is now a heart project. You can’t put a price tag on providing the absolutely best quality water for our students, staff, and community. This is the best water we’ve ever have access to. The fact that we can provide the best means a lot.”

zeca school of arts and technology logo

ZECA School of Art & Technology: “When this school first decided to replace its old water fountain, it was for Covid reasons. They evaluated many brands/alternatives. The first cut was about water purification and then, what sealed the deal with FloWater, was the alkalinity benefit. This is a progressive school that believes in achieving balance in the mind, body and spirit. FloWater met this goal for us.”

ccsd logo

“I have noticed that many of my students are so much better about hydrating because FloWater stations are all located throughout our school. Such a treat for us to have clean, healthy water available especially during a year where we are so much more cognizant of staying healthy and not sharing germs.”
-Jenny McDonnell/Campus Middle School Teacher, CCSD

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