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Ensure your employees, members, guests, or students stay healthy and hydrated with our safe and sanitary Water Refill Stations.

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FloWater is vital to a safe and sanitary workplace

Early in 2020, this looked like a typical office environment. In the COVID-19 era, it’s now clearly unsafe. Corporate Offices, Hotels, Gyms, and Schools will be establishing new policies for creating a safe and sanitary environment.
A vital aspect of the post-COVID workplace is safe group hydration.  FloWater Refill Stations utilize medical-grade technology to provide virus-free and bacteria-free water through a recessed dispenser that eliminates cross-bottle contamination.  Now, employees, members, guests, and students can safely maintain optimal hydration to help keep their immune systems strong. 

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Why Companies Are Raving About FloWater

The FloWater Refill Station connects to your existing water source to provide you with 7X Advanced Purified Water that removes up to 99% of Impurities found in Tap Water.

Helps to eliminate plastic water bottle waste and promote sustainability.

Enhanced with Essentials Minerals and Electrolytes to increase PH levels and keep you energized.

Improves overall health, increases water consumption, and reduces consumption of other unhealthy beverages.

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Happy Clients

“I don’t think GoPro can go back to anything else. FloWater has spoiled us with their fast flowing, amazing tasting water!”
Brad Schmidt, Director, GoPro

“We recently installed FloWater stations on all of our guestroom floors and our guests are raving! The refill stations are now regularly mentioned in our reviews and as a property that promotes sustainable consumption, we are thrilled to be rid of plastic water bottles and do our part to conserve”
Niki Gross, Managing Director, Whitney Peak Hotel

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Boosts employee health and engagement, with over 90% of employees stating their FloWater refill station is an ‘employee wellness perk’


A valuable asset that members are willing to pay for – thousands of FloWater subscribers have signed up with FloWater refill stations at their gym


A game changer amenity – over 50% of guests stated they would be more likely to post a positive review


88% of shoppers believe FloWater improved their shopping experience


2-5x increase in student water consumption with FloWater, and an 83% reduction in consumption of other sugary beverages.

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