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Students love the taste of FloWater. As a result, schools with FloWater are setting the new standard for healthy students and waste-free campuses.



Event Water Refill Stations

Provide your event space with a superior, sustainable solution, using the world’s best-tasting and trusted water. FloWater is one of the largest water station providers for events, with plastic-free solutions using our proprietary refill hydration stations. The same great-tasting FloWater is also available in convenient “On-The-Go’ aluminum reusable water bottles!

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The World’s Best Events hydrate with filtered, high-quality electrolyte water from FloWater

Why Events and Attendees LOVE FloWater Hydration Stations

safe and sanitary group hyrdation

A safe and sanitary group hydration option that can provide an accessible water supply to an entire event space. No longer will festivals and community events need to deal with thousands of plastic water bottles to keep thirsty guests hydrated.

FloWater is proven to boost hydration, providing attendees with access to clean and safe water throughout the day while delivering an elevated attendee experience.

easy installation

Easy installation – NO CONSTRUCTION REQUIRED. Our team delivers and sets up portable water stations that filter tap water to the delight of your guests.

Promote sustainability! Using FloWater Refill stations and on-the-go bottles provide plastic-free options for events to reduce waste.

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FloWater’s Touchless Technology

By incorporating a foot pedal to activate the water filling station, event attendees can easily replenish a reusable bottle (or plastic bottle) with clean, filtered water without leaving any contaminants for the next user. This technology is already an improvement over traditional drinking fountains, but has become almost essential as event spaces and organizations work to create cleaner and more sanitized environments.

On the go?

In addition to our event hydration stations, provide attendees with convenient, ‘On-The-Go’ aluminum bottles. A great, portable option for event spaces, keeping attendees happy and hydrated with the same great tasting water found in our refill stations. Our aluminum bottles are reusable, so attendees can head over to a refill station to continue filling up all day long!

woman filling up a bottle at a rental hydration station

FloWater’s water dispenser rental service is vital to a safe and sanitary event

In the COVID era, touchless, sanitary water refill stations are an essential part of safely holding events. A FloWater water cooler dispenser utilizes medical-grade filtration technology with stainless steel to provide virus-free and bacteria-free safe drinking water. Our bottleless water cooler’s technology brings a new standard in purification that is 5x more efficient in producing clean water than standard reverse osmosis systems. The purified water then flows through a recessed dispenser that eliminates cross-bottle contamination with a fully touchless experience. Attendees can safely access clean drinking water with FloWater’s bottle refill stations for events without having to resort to using environmentally unfriendly plastic bottled water that ultimately ends up in a landfill. Not only will guests have easy access to pure water to keep them hydrated, but it will also help to keep their immune systems strong.

FloWater refill stations in action at events around the country