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DENVER—With FloWater Refill stations now on every floor, the Inn by the Sea at La Jolla has eliminated plastic water bottles from guestrooms, recently becoming the 100th hotel property to deploy FloWater Refill Stations. Other early adopters include the Beverly Hills Hilton, the world renowned Miraval Spa Resort in Tucson, the Greystone Hotel Properties in San Francisco, and the Terranea…


The hotel provides FloWater Refill Stations so that guests can have access to purified, crisp and chilled water instead of opting for plastic bottled water that is left in the rooms. Ice machines are no longer needed, as the FloWater Refill Station dispenses optimally chilled water.

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The repeal of a law that bans plastic water bottles in public lands represents a decision steeped in tacit approval of the lobbying power of big business with profit-at-any-cost-to-the-environment motivations. This represents a policy reversal in order to drive the profitability of companies that package and distribute single use plastic water bottles.

FloWater at Super Bowl City, the greening of events

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Super Bowl 50 engaged several Sustainability Sponsors to help it make good on its Net Positive/Greenest Ever commitments. GreenSportsBlog spoke to Neste and FloWater to understand why they came on board and get their takes on the experience.

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Students can’t drink enough FloWater, and the faculty both trust and love it. FloWater is the single best solution we have seen for our water crisis…Schools and businesses across Flint would benefit from having FloWater.